About the Operation

Founded by the late Phil Vonella in 2018. Phil had a great love for German Shepards and his hometown, Bristol, CT. He was a business owner who loved people and loved helping people. He was a commissioner for the Bristol Police Department and was very involved in doing his part to help the community. Unfortunately, opioids have become a large concern, causing crime, theft & death from addiction. Through his large network, he decided to help his town & the Police Department, by creating Operation Opioid. His mission was to raise enough funds to purchase two K-9's for the PD. He raised over $50,000 in just a years time. Enough to purchase a K-9 and fully outfit a new K-9 cruiser. Sadly, Phil became very ill and was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer and lost his battle in August of 2019. His daughters knew how much this cause meant to him and decided to take over the foundation. Our next mission is to continue collecting donations to fund the second K-9, in addition to assisting with other programs such as Therapy Dogs who will assist in drug related matters. Operation Opioid, Inc. Is a 501 (c)(3).

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