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Large Celestite Free Form

Large Celestite Free Form

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Celestite is generally thought of as a calming stone, so Askinosie notes it's a great one to reach for if you're struggling with worrisome thoughts or constant "what-ifs."

Beyond just helping you to get rid of worrisome thoughts, celestite can take it a step further and help you access more serenity and inner peace. As Askinosie tells mindbodygreen, it helps to pierce through dense energy in order to bring comfort and calm into your mind, body, and spirit.


There's a reason celestite is thought of as heavenly and celestial; According to Askinosie, this stone is associated with the throat chakra, which deals with truth, and the third-eye chakra, which deals with intuition and higher consciousness. Using it can help you clear and/or improve the function of both chakras.

 5.8 lbs, 7 inches long, 6 inches wide

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